Restore Record - Doesn't Update Formulas and Name Templa

Posted by Rollbase User on 11-Jul-2013 15:02

We had an issue where on of our clients accidentally deleted a record they should not have deleted. So we used the recycle bin to restore the record, and noticed that it didn't quite properly put the record back into it's original state. These are the problems we discovered: 1. Related records whose name template is based on the restored record did not get updated. 2. We have a formula field that depends on the restored record, and it did not recalculate its value correctly. 3. The API server was seeing a different version of related records from the PROD (UI) server.

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Posted by Admin on 12-Jul-2013 12:41

Hi Kurt,

I am checking with development team if there are any limitations while restoring the

data from recycle bin or if this is a bug

I will update you soon.

Thank You,


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