Issue with importing data into an object which has lookups

Posted by Rollbase User on 21-Nov-2011 23:20

Issue with importing data into an object which has lookups. Need to know how to successfully load the data from a csv file. As it loads only non lookup fields and the rest are null. Please help. :(

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Posted by Admin on 21-Nov-2011 23:49

Use quotes for CSV fields which contain commas.

Posted by Admin on 22-Nov-2011 09:13

Thank you for replying.

I do not think thats the issue. I created an object A with another object B as a lookup by creating relationship in Object A.

Now I'm trying load Object A using an XLS file, its loading other fields except the lookup. Please advice.

Posted by Admin on 22-Nov-2011 12:56

In the Import screen, you need to map a unique column to in your CSV that matches an existing field in your Object B records. This way the system will know how to attach your imported A records with B records that exist already.

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Posted by Admin on 28-Jun-2013 14:42

I'm running into this same issue.

I have an employees object and a skills object.

Skills are a lookup field in my employee object.

Employees can have multiple skills.

I have a csv spreadsheet that has the skills defined within quotes.

Every time I try to import the records the skills field remains blank. What am I doing wrong?

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