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Posted by Rollbase User on 02-May-2013 08:42

Hello, There is a problem when selecting a view above a list component, on portals. This has been tested on privated cloud (v4.04) as well as in hosted cloud. On portals, in "search results" type of pages (list of records) : When checking the "show view selector" in the list component, multiple views are shown. The portal visitor can select views in the following component :  When the portal visitor switches views. (For exemple, if he selects the second view in the list), the name of the first view is still being shown. In other words, if you look at the screenshot above : It doesn't matter which view you select, it will always print the name of the first view "M - Demandes a valider", as if the first view was selected. The filtering works though, so you can see it switches views correctly. Can you

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Posted by Admin on 13-May-2013 03:13


I've seen you have corrected the pagination/search error which resulted in seeing two lists instead of one on portals.

However, the above error is still here in 4.06.

Whenever you try to change view, it does work, but the "selected" option in list is always the first one. Which makes it impossible to go back to the first view.

As you can see, when i switch views (Here, i clicked on the second view 'Vue PACOR'), but the ajax response has the first option (=first view) selected.

Can you take a look at this?

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Posted by Admin on 20-May-2013 11:44


Sorry to insist here.

Have you had time to see what this is about?

Thank you for your work.

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Posted by Admin on 28-May-2013 02:14


We have forgotten to tell you that this feature worked before in v3. So this is a regression in v4.

Thank you.

Posted by Admin on 03-Jun-2013 15:25

Tracked internally as ticket 6706

Posted by Admin on 25-Jun-2013 11:30

The fix will be released as part of July release

Posted by Admin on 25-Jun-2013 15:07

Great! Thank you. Looking forward to it.

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