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Posted by Rollbase User on 12-Mar-2010 04:17

What are the hardware and software specifications, and other maintenance components needed to setup a private cloud of Rollbase?

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Posted by Admin on 15-Mar-2010 23:03

Rollbase is database-agnostic: we recommend either Oracle, MySQL or SQL Server. We include a MySQL installation by default. There are no specific software or OS requirements, though our team has more experience managing Windows servers than Linux (either can be used).

Regarding hardware, the recommended number of servers (physical or virtual) and their specifications depends on expected user volume as well as types of applications you will be building. We'd be happy to discuss this with you, feel free to contact us at


Posted by Admin on 19-Jun-2013 04:05

Hi, Matt

I tried to create my private cloud. I did what ever the process which has been mentioned in Rollbase site. But didn't get any mail which consists of URL and password in it.

Changed the shared properties:

# Email address of first admin user

# Email server - can use gmail by default



# User name and password for emails sender



What would be the problem?


Kiran Avs.

Posted by Admin on 27-Jun-2013 09:01

If you are having trouble getting your login email, it may be your email settings are not correct. To get past problems with email, you can use


This will dump contents of emails that would be sent into stdout of the server console instead of trying to send the email, and you can retrieve the password from there.

Note that for using gmail smtp directly, I do believe MailUser/MailPassword would be required - this should be the login/password you would normally use to access your gmail account online.

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