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Posted by Rollbase User on 06-Jun-2013 07:54

Is there anyway to set the filename of a document, created with a trigger from a template, to the actually records name instead of the template name?

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Posted by Admin on 06-Jun-2013 20:54

Being able to set the document name would be helpful for myself as well.

Posted by Admin on 12-Jun-2013 03:14

There is currently no way to control the file name of documents uploaded in file upload fields, programmatically or otherwise. We'll consider for a future enhancement/feature.

Posted by Admin on 12-Jun-2013 03:18

I think this is referring to documents generated from templates not uploaded files. For example I have a PDF generated via an HTML template and I would like to set it's name programmatically from record data rather than it inheriting the template name.

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