Issues when selecting records from Lookup fields

Posted by Rollbase User on 28-May-2013 04:42

Hello, Some issues when you want to select records from a lookup field. On portal, when you select a record opening the selector pop-up, you get a link on the record you select, the same as we get on the platform UI. It should not be the case. The record is in blue color. When you select records writing a few characters on the lookup field, you do not get this link. The record is in black color. Here below a example. In blue records selected using the selector pop-up. In black color records selected by writing some characters in the lookup field.  Moreover, the default CSS is not good. "roundedSectionBorder rbwhite" DIV background is transparent instead of blank. And there is no border on the DIV. We could do this by ourselves modifying CSS but it would be better if the default CSS includes

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