How to Create a Workflow Status for a particular member if h

Posted by Rollbase User on 01-May-2013 21:47

Hi All, Just want to ask if how can I make a workflow status such as Completed, Incomplete, Re-Scheduled or Cancelled for the above subject? If I will assigned a training program for many Members, I should have a workflow actions for every member that was completed in a scheduled training program. Enclosed is my image.

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Posted by Admin on 02-May-2013 00:52

Hi Gener,

What company are you with? Can you contact your primary developer or administrator with configuration/app development questions like this?

This sounds like straight-forward workflow design. See chapter 10 of Rollbase In Action to learn more about designing workflow processes:

Hope this helps,


Posted by Admin on 02-May-2013 01:03

Hi Matt,

Thank you for the reply. Actually we are newly subscriber of Rollbase Philippines. It happens that I'd done training last 2 weeks ago and I was assigned by my boss to develop this application. The objective of this app is to monitor the training programs attended of a particular member if he/she completed. Then it will suggest for the next training program that should be attended by a member - something like prerequisite.

Can you help us configure our app?

Posted by Admin on 02-May-2013 01:04

Hi Gener,

You must work with Rollbase Philippines for this, Rollbase Inc (US) does not provide application development or configuration assistance.



Posted by Admin on 02-May-2013 01:14

Hi Matt,

I was hoping that this community forum's purpose is to help all Rollbase users. I guess I was wrong. Anyhow, I'm going to contact Rollbase PH then.

Thank you for the immediate response.

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