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Posted by Rollbase User on 18-Feb-2013 08:12

Hello, On portals, I create a selector page. I choose a "detailed search" section. In the list section, I choose the list view I want to display . This way, portal visitors can search among records that are filtered by the view only. When I click on the "Search" button, Rollbase do the search on all records. It does not take into account the filter of the view anymore. Can you take a look at this ? And the "Clear" button do not seem to work. Thank you for your help. Matthieu

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Posted by Admin on 18-Feb-2013 10:58

Search overrides filter imposed by View.

Posted by Admin on 10-Apr-2013 03:13

Hello Pavel,

I am not sure we understand what you say because for us, this does not seem to be very logical.

We want portal visitors to see only a few records of a object in a selector page. They do not have the right to see the others records. We can choose a default view used in the selector page and it works. When the portal visitor opens the selector page, records are filtered thanks to the view filter.

Still a portal visitor can make some detailed search on these records. But if a portal visitor clicks on the "search button", the search will be executed on all records instead of being executed on the view records only.

For us, it would be logical that the Search do not override filter imposed by View but would be a complement/addition of the view filter.

Thank you for your help.


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