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Posted by Rollbase User on 13-Mar-2013 11:14

I was on a page that displays a chart in a tenant. A login that needed to view the chart was missing the proper permissions to view it. After giving the proper permissions and fixing the problem in our sandbox tenant, I pushed the update and applied it to another tenant still missing proper permissions for the login. The result was the corrected permissions for the chart did not flow and a manual fix is currently still required on that faulty tenant so the users of that particular login can view the chart. We are on binary 3.8.8

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Posted by Admin on 13-Mar-2013 11:40

Are you saying that Chart permissions were not installed as part of Application update? I shall check this.

Posted by Admin on 13-Mar-2013 11:43

The Chart had preexisting permissions set for it. Those permissions needed altered for an additional login/role to have access.

When the application update happened, the existing permissions of the chart were not altered.

I believe that's what you said, but I was trying to clarify in case it wasn't.

Posted by Admin on 14-Mar-2013 15:52

I do not confirm this issue. In my testing installing and updating (through application XML) chart permissions work correctly.

Please make sure that user roles are included in your application. Individual user permissions cannot be included for obvious reason.

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