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Posted by Rollbase User on 07-Mar-2013 12:09

In the applications, the desired logo is in the upper left hand corner and is put their according to the selected logo chosen for the application. Questions: 1. Is there a way to access that image when designing templates(with tokens)? One thought for this was if the image used for the logo could be selected from the Hosted Files. 2. On the topic of images, is there currently a way to place images from system places like hosted files in email templates and show up as actual logos on the email rather than attachment image files? Currently trying to use hosted file images in email templates using the tokens just results in attachments to the email.

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Posted by Admin on 07-Mar-2013 12:25

1. No, there is no way to access application logo in templates.

2. I will make enhancement in the next release allowing to use hosted files as images in email templates.

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