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Posted by Rollbase User on 18-Feb-2013 01:32

Situation: The customer wants that when a user subscribes to a Private Cloud with more than one application within Rollbase, there should only be one user credential to avoid confusion. Issue: Apps were developed individually and designed to run on its own zone so there is no naming or coding standard applied across the Apps. While we can rename the fields into their particular App groups for better organization, there is a conflict in User Roles as it is our understanding that only a single role can be assigned to a user, not multiple roles. If we deploy the Apps into independent zones, then all users will have to have a unique username to access a particular App. Question: Is our understanding above correct? Is there away to for a User to have multiple roles in one zone?

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Posted by Admin on 18-Feb-2013 10:45

You can use ISV users from Master server to control several customers from one account - Chapter 17.

Posted by Admin on 18-Feb-2013 22:00

Hi Jover,

Correct there is currently no way for a user to have more than one Role in a particular tenant (i.e. zone).

If you were to install all the apps into a single Customer zone for development purposes and then publish them from there, would this cause conflicts?



Posted by Admin on 19-Feb-2013 02:28

Hi Matt,

Actually, the major issue is that even if we put all the apps in one zone, the users will have to login with different credentials if they need to assume a different role. What the customer wants is to have a single username and password to access all the apps. At this time, whether we put the apps individually in a zone or in one zone, the user needs to have 5 different credentials as they have different roles in each app. Is there a solution or workaround to this issue?

Posted by Admin on 19-Feb-2013 22:51

Hi Jover,

Unfortunately there is no way to assign multiple Roles to a User at this time, the only recommendation I have is to have separate accounts as you mentioned.

Multiple roles per user is something I am investigating as a medium/long term new feature. I will plan on following up on this thread once we have an idea if/when this is feasible.



Posted by Admin on 21-Feb-2013 22:57

Thanks Matt for the response.

Posted by Admin on 26-Feb-2013 06:15

Yes, this is a feature which is wanted.

Maybe we can have a major role on the user (as of today) and a linktable where we can override roles by application/user.

Or multile roles per user an a "&-function"...?

Today we need to establish many roles (Roles in app1 * roles in app2)

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