In Portal I'm trying to have "Is Active" unche

Posted by Rollbase User on 13-Feb-2013 12:37

Hi, I'm trying to have "Is Active" unchecked for all new users. For that I changed in Object property this field to "unchecked" by default. Still, all new Portal users that I'm creating having "Is Active" checked? Please clarify? Regards, Roman

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Posted by Admin on 13-Feb-2013 14:04

I do not confirm the issue: id "Is Active" is unchecked by default, it is unchecked for new portal visitors.

Why do you call them users? This is confusing.

Posted by Admin on 13-Feb-2013 22:26

You are right new records are created under "Contacts" object.

I just verify it once again - new record are created with "Is Active" cheeked in.

Posted by Admin on 14-Feb-2013 13:47

And again no solution was provide by Rollbase support. "This was tested and works fine in my test environment. There may be some additional factors in your environment: triggers etc."

I double checked and can confirm that this issue still exist.

Please note that check box "Is Active" is activated only when new record is created in Portal. If I'm creating a new record via Rollbase application itself "Is Active" will stay unchecked (default setting). It has something to do with how Portal is setup, it is making all new registered users "Active" automatically. Please assist in resolving this mater.

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