How can we set a lookup field from client-side ?

Posted by Rollbase User on 09-Feb-2013 11:23

How can we set a lookup field from client-side ? Then how can we refresh the lookup list displayed on screen ?

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Posted by Admin on 09-Feb-2013 12:24

I don't think we fully support this. You can use rbf_setFieldValue(), but this API will not display selected record the way you'd expect.

Posted by Admin on 09-Feb-2013 21:21

I was able to set the lookup field with an object using this undocumented function.

rbf_selectObject( selectedObjectID, selectedObjectName, null, relationName, false);


rbf_selectObject( 11223344, "Snoopy", null, "R12345678", false);

where 11223344 is the id of object "Snoopy" which is an object of the same type as the relation R12345678 used by the lookup field R12345678

Posted by Admin on 10-Feb-2013 10:54

I'll provide documented and supported function for this purpose.

Posted by mnashi on 13-Sep-2015 10:15

I know this is a very old post. Is there a documented function to set lookup value on client side?

Posted by Sharavan Kumar on 14-Sep-2015 00:39

Hi ,

You can use rbf_setFieldValue() API .

I have tried it in new UI and  was able to set the lookfield by using below

rbf_setFieldValue("R18626", '631800');



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