How can I tell the different between currency fields that ar

Posted by Rollbase User on 31-Jan-2013 10:20

I'm having trouble with validation on currency fields. I'm trying to assess if the fields are null or not filled out for new records but it appears that the token for the currency fields are returning a zero (0) value despite never having been entered or touched. This is problematic because a zero value could be a valid response and I need to be able to tell the difference between a zero value currency field and a null value currency field. Is there another way I should be trying to perform the validation?

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Posted by Admin on 31-Jan-2013 11:05

Try to use the functions rbf_isZero/rbf_isEmpty

Posted by Admin on 31-Jan-2013 11:39

On server side use API rbv_api.isFieldEmpty()

Posted by Admin on 31-Jan-2013 12:29

Thank you, that's exactly what I need!

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