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Posted by Rollbase User on 18-Feb-2011 03:44

Is it possible to add our own CSS definitions or even modify the standard CSS definitions for a project?

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Posted by Admin on 18-Feb-2011 06:40


Yes you can:
1) reference any CSS file hosted elsewhere by inserting HTML into your application and portal page(s)
2) Use the Hosted Files feature to upload and host your own CSS files. Hosted Files can easily be referenced within application and portal pages (see our Rollbase In Action book for more details on Hosted Files)


Posted by Admin on 20-Feb-2011 19:48

thanks. but i was thinking of changing the default CSS theme (silvertheme.css) used by rollbase itself. Is this possible?

Posted by Admin on 05-Mar-2011 00:15

I want to change my theme too if possible

Posted by Admin on 05-Mar-2011 06:12

I would like too.

Posted by Admin on 15-Mar-2011 13:18

Looks like a popular request - we will consider the idea of allowing upload of your own customized version of our CSS.


Posted by Admin on 15-Mar-2011 16:22

Any chance of allowing external javascript libraries (eg. jQuery, jQuery UI, etc.) to be placed in tags in selected zones?

Posted by Admin on 15-Mar-2011 17:31

Yes, this would be good. Actually, I've also wanted to utilise Google font api, which also requires a stylesheet addition to the header.

Posted by Admin on 20-Feb-2012 10:50

I have been trying to tackle custom CSS for a client and have run into a number of limitations. Are there any developers out there experienced in this that might want to take over the project?

Posted by Admin on 20-Feb-2012 19:09

What kind of requirement is it? Have any screens? :-)

Posted by Admin on 07-Jan-2013 17:29

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