Mail template updates not coming through

Posted by Rollbase User on 12-Dec-2012 13:43

I have a trigger that sends an email, using a mail template. If I update the template and trigger the email, it seems to use the old template before my update. My updates don't come through. If I create a new mail template with my update, and switch the trigger to the new template, it does use the updated template. The trigger has all timing options disabled, and is only ever fired from within another trigger, if that makes any difference.

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Posted by Admin on 12-Dec-2012 14:08

I'm not sure what happened, but this seems to be working fine now.

Posted by Admin on 12-Dec-2012 14:47

Are you using delayed triggers? Changes in metadata (templates) may not be immediately available for delayed triggers.

Posted by Admin on 12-Dec-2012 14:56

That could be it. One of the triggers in the setup is delayed. Thanks

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