[Urgent] Duplicate auto-number when creating new records in

Posted by Rollbase User on 30-Oct-2012 01:58

Hi, I'm already using 3.8.4 yet we're having major issues with duplicate auto-numbers. At first, we encountered it on import. Then later, we have also encountered it on the UI when creating a new record. Our end-users are very strict when it comes to these auto-numbers and we need immediate solution as it affects their business process. I already checked a solution in a related post but would it be better if it'll just be plain configuration? I checked the 'Do not allow duplicates option' but it doesn't seem to work. We would appreciate your prompt response. Thanks!

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Posted by Admin on 30-Oct-2012 11:45

Can you reproduce the issue and submit support request in rollbase.com environment?

Posted by Admin on 31-Oct-2012 02:01


I think my previous account has already expired. I'm creating a new account in rollbase.com with the following details:

Login Name: gsorita@test384

Company Name: Rollbase Philippines

Email: gsorita@rollbase.ph


Posted by Admin on 31-Oct-2012 11:50

I reset your password - not sure what you're trying to achieve by publishing your credentials on public forum.

Most importantly, where should I look to find duplicate auto-numbers (in your rollbase.com zone) ?

Posted by Admin on 04-Nov-2012 04:39


I was able to replicate the issue in rollbase.com. Can you provide me a direct address I can use to send you the credentials? Forum users might modify/delete the records I've created.


Posted by Admin on 04-Nov-2012 10:14

There is no need to send me credentials - I can see your customer zone without it. Please let me know if you have reproducible issue.

Posted by Admin on 04-Nov-2012 19:56

Please check TEST APP > tests. You should see two auto-numbers with a value of 01707.

Note: Do not allow duplicates is checked.

Posted by Admin on 04-Nov-2012 23:17

OK, got it. Did you do UI input or something more complex? Did you use one login account or several?

Posted by Admin on 12-Nov-2012 03:03

Sorry I was not able to comment in this thread for a while. The getsatisfaction bug that forbids us from posting/commenting hit me again.

Anyway, I used the UI and 1 account to replicate this. Thanks!

Posted by Admin on 12-Nov-2012 11:27

So you just created new records through UI again and again, and you've got duplicate numbers?

Posted by Admin on 13-Nov-2012 20:40

Yes. We noticed that most of our duplicate records in production are created at the same date and time.

Posted by Admin on 13-Nov-2012 21:49

I'm working on this issue, check 3.8.7 release.

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