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Posted by Rollbase User on 07-Nov-2012 08:44

We have tried several iterations (%, pixels) of using the View Width property on a field, and it appears that it changes absolutely nothing on Views. It seems to possibly change the width on reports but then when printing the report, it defaults back to the default width. Do we have to set it for ALL the fields in the View? I assumed it would take the width specified for this field and adjust the other columns appropriately. Any thoughts?

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Posted by Admin on 07-Nov-2012 11:49
"Width" parameter is added to
tags used to render View column. You can easily verify that by checking generated HTML. As for actual visual effect - that depends on browser and set of columns selected.

Posted by Admin on 07-Nov-2012 11:54
Hi Parker,

Can you give me more detail on what you are experiencing? Are you setting the width to a smaller or larger amount than the column is taking in reality? Maybe a screenshot would also help.


Posted by Admin on 08-Nov-2012 16:27
Project Summary field set to 200%

Posted by Admin on 09-Nov-2012 09:28

At Good Done Great, we have several specific requests around this subject:

Bottom line, I think that the platform needs improved views & printouts:

- Provide a way to set the point-size of a field as displayed in a view. The point-size should control the display of the record-value of the field, but the column header should remain the same point-size as the other column headers.

- Apply the point-size heading to printed and pdf'd views, as well as to online views.

- Make it possible to print and pdf views in landscape mode.

- Make it possible to word-wrap column header

Is this something that is already on your product roadmap?
Posted by Admin on 09-Nov-2012 11:13
Try using more realistic size: 90%. I don't know how server should react on 200% width.
Posted by Admin on 09-Nov-2012 11:15
PDF reports now have option to render in landscape mode.

Other suggestion may be addressed in new UI (we should ask Matt).

Posted by gwf on 26-May-2016 09:42

Saw this post from 3+ years ago, but I'm having this problem, too. Even on wide displays there seems to be no way to alter column width on list views. This is a big UI obstacle to making list views an adequate tool. Any fixes on the horizon?



Posted by gwf on 26-May-2016 10:13

p.s. it should be possible to set the view width and have the text of the field label in the column header wrap to fit. Otherwise a column is automatically wide if the label is long, even if you want the column itself to be narrow.

Posted by Vimalkumar Selvaraj on 26-May-2016 11:10

Hi Greg,

Are you using classic UI or NewUI?.

We recently added support for this feature in NewUI. When you set view width for a field that honored while rendering list view grid in NewUI. If no width set column header width decided based on column label text. But you should be able to resize your column by using column re-sizer option. you see this option when you mouse over column separator line. Once you resize the column it get saved as user preferences. From then column uses resized width. All these features available only in NewUI.

In Classic UI (OldUI)  still view width has no effect.



Posted by gwf on 26-May-2016 11:21

Thanks, Vimal. I am using the classic UI, but my main need is to be able to control view widths for portal pages. If I switch to NewUI, will that also affect the way portal pages display?


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