Error when generating XML if there are views being forced

Posted by Rollbase User on 08-Oct-2012 11:23

Hello, I think there is a problem when generating the XML of an application. In any page, If you force a view (affect a view, and uncheck 'Show View Selector' checkbox), you cannot generate the XML of the app anymore.   If you put the corresponding object as core object, it works. But if you put it as dependent object, it doesn't. I think it should work as dependent object, because it does when you check the 'Show View Selector' checkbox. I believe this problem has always been there. It is not something new. So maybe we do not understand the way it should work. Thanks, Romain Pennes.

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Posted by Admin on 08-Oct-2012 11:51

This will be fixed in the next release.

Posted by Admin on 21-Oct-2012 04:23

Hello Pavel,

The problem is still there.

Let me know if you need more precisions.

Thank you.


Posted by Admin on 21-Oct-2012 11:48

Sorry it was delayed till 3.8.4 release.

Posted by Admin on 21-Oct-2012 13:28

Sounds good to me !



Posted by Admin on 27-Oct-2012 13:42

The fix has been released today. Please let me know if you still have issues.

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