viewing all status of all related object by gauge?

Posted by Rollbase User on 19-Sep-2012 23:34

is there a way to view a list of object records and EACH of their current status in one page? i used gauge to show the status but to only one object record. if possible, can we code the gauge to loop and show each object record status?

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Posted by Admin on 20-Sep-2012 12:28

I don't think I understand the question. A simple list view will show you all records and their statuses. You could also use a Chart. But how would a guage do this? A guage is normally used to illustrate a single significant value.



Posted by Admin on 22-Sep-2012 00:18

actually that is what ive been trying to point out to my supervisor but my supervisor still insists... the situation is this.. i have an here an object wherein it has 6 workflow process.. on one page we should be able to view the current user's list of records in one section and in another section shows each of the record's status in the workflow by graphic.. i tried the chart and it shows only number of record per status. anyway i made some changes and instead of making a workflow process i made a field where the type is percent.. so as of now that made a solution where i can view the list of records and their status by chart..the only thing is what if they have a lot of records..that may be a problem in the future..

Posted by Admin on 22-Sep-2012 00:20

thanks though for the reply..

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