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Posted by Rollbase User on 30-Jul-2012 19:37

Hey Guys, When we login to our app in rollbase, the URL looks like this: We want to create a link to this page from another external application. Can we use the link above, or is the pageId and tabId going to change when the application is republished? If this is the case, how could we implement a link to the default page in our app? Thanks, Matt.

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Posted by Admin on 30-Jul-2012 21:15

Yes, page ID etc. will change after installation.

The best way to deal with links: use template tokens like


You can also use portal pages.

You should be prepared to handle authentication issue - see Chapter 11 for details.

Posted by Admin on 30-Jul-2012 21:40

Hey Pavel,

Since we're linking from an external system, we can't use tokens, because they are only recognised by Rollbase.

We could try creating a portal page that simply auto-redirects to another link using a token...then our external site could link to the portal page instead... would this be the simplest option? Thanks!

Posted by Admin on 30-Jul-2012 22:08

You can create Portal page which renders all links you want, than embed it into iframe on your external page.

Posted by Admin on 30-Jul-2012 22:33

OK thanks.

Posted by Admin on 30-Jul-2012 23:52

Actually, sorry but I'm still having a problem...even from a Portal page. There are tokens to go to the edit page of a record, or the view page of a record, but we are wanting to go to the homepage (the default page that the user is normally taken to after they there a special Token for this? see below

If not, is it something you could add a token for. I would imagine this is useful for other users, because sometimes you might just want to go to your application without opening a particular object and record.

Posted by Admin on 31-Jul-2012 09:45

Yes, token looks like this:


Use Original ID, These token can be found at

Script Component > Helpers > Generic Tabs

Posted by Admin on 01-Aug-2012 00:05

Hi Pavel, Thank you - yes the tokens worked. One final question:

I created a Portal called Redirection which has the following added to its header:

The link to the portal is

If I'm already logged in, then this takes me to my welcome page. If I'm not logged in, then it will redirect me via the login page.

My only problem is that it goes via the Rollbase standard login page, rather than my custom one which is specified in my ISV settings. Any way to fix this?

Posted by Admin on 01-Aug-2012 11:05

Looks like a bug, I'll try to address it in the next release.

Posted by Admin on 01-Aug-2012 21:45

It looks like you're hitting main.jsp without previous login. The system forces you to login first. At this time your customer is unknown. So the system redirects you to generic page.

If your customer would be known somehow (through unique user name, security token, or cookie) - the system would figure out that you're using custom login page - and would redirect you there. But there is no such information available.

Try setting cookie "c" for "" host. Use your customer ID (can be found on "Subscription Info" page) as value. That should resolve the issue.

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