Best way to create a user to related object defined view?

Posted by Rollbase User on 13-Jul-2012 13:29

I have a group of users that I want to view records based on their relationship to my main/parent object. If they are assigned to the object i want the record to show in their view. Besides creating a view for EVERY user, what is the best way to achieve this?

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Posted by Admin on 13-Jul-2012 15:29

Use "Current User" option.

Posted by Admin on 13-Jul-2012 15:47

Not sure i understand, i dont want to manually or trigger the current user to change based on the status of the record.

I want to assign a record to a related object and that dictate the user rights - is that how the permissions through relationships works? I am trying to use that, but not sure exactly how to manipulate it. There is no screen shot in the manual.

I have 3 records - USER, CLIENT, PROCESSOR. - I want the USER to be able to see the CLIENT record IF they are the PROCESSOR assigned to it.

Posted by Admin on 14-Jul-2012 08:45


Try this

1. go to the client object and add a related field to the processor object referencing the processor to user relationship.

2. In a view under the client object, use the newly created field as a filter then on the right hand side you should be able to assign current user as a value.

tell us how this works out for you.


Piscoso, Martin


Posted by Admin on 16-Jul-2012 11:30

I got the view to setup correctly, but still not sure how to set up the relationship permissions between the 3 objects. So currently the view is empty/blank.

Posted by Admin on 16-Jul-2012 11:56

I have this working now, but now the VIEW is being used to control access. I thought Assigning Permissions through Relationships would actual create real access rights that would flow through to charts and all views, but this seems like a work around.

Posted by Admin on 16-Jul-2012 18:31

Hi Tory,

If you wanted to setup your permissions via Relationship then with your current setup USER, CLIENT, PROCESSOR you are missing a relationship between USER and CLIENT.

Another option to this business requirement would be:

- Create a new Relationship between USER and CLIENT

- Add a trigger to CLIENT that fires when a PROCESSOR is assigned to it / or the PROCESSOR is changed

- In the trigger, Relate the USER to the CLIENT using the new relationship field

- Using the new relationship between USER and CLIENT, you will now be able to configure this via the Permissions per Role under the relationship-based permission settings.

- You may now also remove the VIEW filter as previously suggested

- This path should now also work with LDF permissions and with other RB components such as charts.

- If you are familiar with using the Contact attribute of Rollbase, this works much like the "Contact Owner" relationship field.


Posted by Admin on 16-Jul-2012 20:57

That seems to be working great - if I implement LDF permissions will this still work along side it or is it on or the other?

Posted by Admin on 16-Jul-2012 21:21

It seems like this relationship permission setting has made my views have several blank pages. The views account for records that should be there but since that user does not have rights to view them it blanks them out but leaves the blanks and pages where the records would go.

It results in a view with 11 records on one page - 2 pages of blanks, 3 record

When you go to an all view you can count the spaces in relation to where other records would go - Why is this?

Posted by Admin on 16-Jul-2012 21:52

Hi Tory.

I have encountered this before and this is usually in conflict between a relationship based permission and a current user permission. Kindly check these and if you can disable permissions that are running on top of each other then retest the behaviour.

Also, this should work properly alongside ldf.

This is just a permission level issue that is or are overriding each other.

Hope you fix your problem. Also. Consider providing me an admin account so I may directly take a look into your setup since there might be more minor setup or configurations for you to get your desired results.

You may contact me at


Piscoso, Martin

Posted by Admin on 16-Jul-2012 21:53

By current user I meant the Record Creator role.

Hope this clarifies

Posted by Admin on 16-Jul-2012 23:30

I sent you the info if you have a chance to check it out - Otherwise I read another thread you commented about this - What do I do to correct it?

Posted by Admin on 17-Jul-2012 00:26

Thanks Martin - YOU ROCK!

Posted by Admin on 17-Jul-2012 21:18

Thanks Martin!

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