Redirect error when using the actions url

Posted by Rollbase User on 13-Jun-2012 01:44

Good day! I've encountered an issue regarding the use of the actions url Im using a custom record delete on a record view page using the change status workflow and using an object script. Whenever I click on the actions url link I think it redirects to the deleted records view page which is deleted that's why I'm getting this error Here is the screenshot  Here are the steps on creating the custom delete link 1. Create object script that deletes the record 2. Create a change status workflow status and select the delete trigger 3. Put the delete actions link in the record view page. 4. Click the actions link to delete the record. Thanks, Gian

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Posted by Admin on 13-Jun-2012 11:16

Please find a different way to delete record - use client-side or server-side script.

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