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Posted by Rollbase User on 23-May-2012 14:29

Hello - I've finished my first Rollbase application. Thanks to Matt, Pavel, and Martin for answering my barrage of questions while I worked. Love the system! Best, Nathan

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Posted by Admin on 27-May-2012 23:27

Congrats Nathan! We'd love to learn more about it.

Also, if you are acting as a consultant and interested in other Rollbase projects we can introduce you to some of our prospects looking for professional help to build their Rollbase app(s). If this is of interest perhaps you can shoot me an email.



Posted by Admin on 28-May-2012 10:09

Thanks Matt, that would be great! I've been building apps on another service for a couple years, and I'm expanding onto Rollbase. Connecting with some prospects would help a lot. I'll send you an email.

The app I built is a time clock app for a company in the US. Employees access the app through a portal, which includes an easy one-click function for punching in and out. Managers can review everyone's time in the main interface, and mark time sheets as paid at the end of the pay period. There's some automation that goes on: The system generates a new time sheet for each active employee at the beginning of every pay period. There's also some simple holiday time and vacation time functionality. Vacation time includes a simple manual grant system, and prevents logging more vacation time on a time sheet than the employee has available. Employees can see their remaining vacation time (among other stats) in the portal.

I'd be happy to answer specifics!



Posted by Admin on 29-May-2012 17:01

Thanks for the description, sounds like a great app. Congrats -- I've followed up via email about getting you listed in the forthcoming Partners area of our website

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