rbf_updateRecord() does not run triggers after update

Posted by Rollbase User on 14-May-2012 01:13

The newly added client side API rbf_updateRecord() does not run triggers after update. I would think it should run triggers to remain consistent with server side API rbv_api.updateRecord()? Thank you.

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Posted by Admin on 14-May-2012 16:39

It does run triggers. Are you using REST API or UI?

Posted by Admin on 20-May-2012 21:24

This is for UI.

Here's a sample scenario:

On a record View Page, add this code:

On the object, have an Integer field with integration name "integer". Also have a text field with integration name "test_text_field".

On the object, have an On Update object script trigger set to run when Integer field changes with the following formula:

var txt = "The integer field equals {!integer}";

rbv_api.setFieldValue("test_parent2", {!id}, "test_text_field", txt);

After you click the button "Update Integer Field", wait a couple seconds and refresh the View page. You will see the Integer field now has 123, but the Text Field is still empty. The trigger did not execute when the Integer field changed.

Posted by Admin on 21-May-2012 12:25

I'll take a look.

Posted by Admin on 22-May-2012 11:55

This should work now on rollbase.com

Try using triggers debugger.

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