Are delayed triggers scheduled or polled?

Posted by Rollbase User on 25-Apr-2012 01:54

Hi - I'm wondering how the delayed triggers functionality works. Are delayed triggers scheduled based on the date value at the time they're scheduled? Or is there a polling mechanism, so that if the date value changes the trigger will execute based on the new value? I'm particularly curious about what happens if I change the value in a date field, when I have a delayed trigger set up based on that field. Is an additional delayed trigger invocation scheduled, so that I now have two invocations that will run on that record? Is it only newly-scheduled if I have the trigger flagged for Before/After Update? What happens if I change the date value to today - does the trigger run immediately? Thanks, Nathan

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Posted by Admin on 25-Apr-2012 11:18

Polling mechanism is used. Polling time interval can be configured.

Posted by Admin on 25-Apr-2012 12:23


In addition to Pavel's response, if the date value changes that the recurrence is set on, the trigger should respect that new value. The best way to verify this is to actually run the experiment and periodically check the trigger Queue on that object to see when they are scheduled to run.

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Posted by Admin on 25-Apr-2012 18:59

Thanks, guys. Where is the polling time interval configured? I looked through the settings menus, and Chapter 14 in the book. I'm not seeing it anywhere. I must be missing it.

How does the delayed trigger setting interact with the Timing setting? Is it in addition to the Timing setting, or do I need to select something in Timing for it to run at all?

For example, if I select After Create for timing, then also select a date value for Run Relative To, I'm not sure what will happen. Does the trigger run immediately after a record is created, then again on the date I selected?

Posted by Admin on 26-Apr-2012 01:13

This can be configured per Rollbase installation - please check Chapter 18.

Posted by Admin on 26-Apr-2012 05:08

Ah, yeah. I see it in there. Thanks, Pavel - Nathan

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