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Posted by Rollbase User on 03-Apr-2012 06:11

Is there any comfortable way of creating own theme for Rollbase? Or just simply I should change CSS style sheet and overwrite it on the web server? thanks, pete

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Posted by Admin on 03-Apr-2012 07:27

Kindly check the documentation on how to use custom css files as your theme, you can also refer to appendix d for the classnames. You don't have to override your files, rather just create you own and upload as hosted file then change account settings. :-)

Please make sure you've updated your binaries

Piscoso , Martin


Posted by Admin on 03-Apr-2012 11:53

Martin has it, for details see:

-- the section called "Using Hosted Files" in Chapter 12

-- the section called "Account Settings" in Chapter 14

Basically the process is to create your custom CSS, upload it as a Hosted File, and then apply it in your Account Settings

Posted by Admin on 05-Apr-2012 05:46

Hi Matt, Martin!

thanks for your help!

3 questions:

1) I assume, I can change the CSS file on an application level so - for example - each of my application within Rollbase has a different theme/ Is that correct?

2) Can I change a theme (CSS file) on the Rollbase native level so that the Rollbase application itself has a new theme?

3) Where exactly can i set new Hosted File as a new style sheet? I know it's in Account Settings but i can't find it (i'm logged in as a administrator).



Posted by Admin on 05-Apr-2012 08:20


On the application level use the header and footer components instead.

View an application under your app list then more actions drop down then choose header and footer. You can then link css files through code, specifically the link html markup. You can use internal hosted files or external css files.

On the native level that's the css stylesheet setting under account settings .

Account settings is under setup then administration setup then account settings.

This is all for the native application and not portals btw.

As said by Matt all you'll need is under chapter 12 and 14.

Piscoso, Martin

Rollbase PH

Posted by Admin on 05-Apr-2012 08:49

Hi Martin,

thanks for your help.

Please find the image attached. it's screenshot of what I have on setup -> administration setup.

There is no such "Account Settings". However, there is 'Settings' but after clicking on it I'm getting a page:

There is nothing related with CSS replacement.



Posted by Admin on 05-Apr-2012 09:12


This must be a issue with your private instance. Try it on in the meantime you can use header and footer for each application as I've stated above . I'd wait for Matt and Pavel to answer regarding your install :-)


Piscoso, Martin


Posted by Admin on 05-Apr-2012 11:06

Hi Pete,

The issue is that you are logged into the Master zone - this is the central management zone where you can create and manage tenants, monitor server components, etc, but the intention is application development happens in Customer zones. You can certainly do app development in the Master zone but you don't get "Account Settings" there, that is only available in Customer zones (i.e. tenants)

Typically you'll want to create a Customer zone for each distinct app you develop. You can do this by going to the "System Console" app, click on Customers tab and create a new Customer. This will send the assigned admin user an email with login info to that new zone. Login to that zone and you can do you development there, access Account Settings as described above, and publish your app to install into other zones.

Hope this helps. Meanwhile we should clarify in the docs that Account Settings does not apply to the Master zone


Posted by Admin on 10-Apr-2012 05:49

Hi Matt!

Thanks for your help. I have created a customer as described above. I loged in as him to Rollbase. Went to the administration setup -> account setup (yes! it was there) and then I found this:

As you can see, it is not what was expected to be. There is no option to change CSS.

Any thoughts?



Posted by Admin on 10-Apr-2012 18:34

Hi Pete,

Thanks for sending the screenshot -- this is indeed not expected. It appears there is a problem with your Account Settings page. Is your Private Cloud instance accessible from the web so that we can login and take a look?

If so perhaps you can email us ( login information to both your Master zone and to this customer zone?

I have not seen this issue before so we'll have to take a look somehow.



Posted by Admin on 10-Apr-2012 20:18


In my experience with private instances, the account settings page is a portal page editable via your master zone account. I'm not sure what it's name is in your master zone but you can locate this page in master zone - application settings - portals. After you locate the page you can then edit it to add the settings fields for your customer accounts.

Thanks and hope this helps,

Piscoso, Martin


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