Importing data with lookup ID's

Posted by Rollbase User on 02-Apr-2012 11:31

I need to import data from my old database. How can I map the lookup fields when the ID's from the old database are not the same as the Rollbase ID's?

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Posted by Admin on 02-Apr-2012 17:08

Use your existing IDs as Rollbase integration codes.

Posted by Admin on 03-Apr-2012 07:09

Can you please explain how to use integration codes?

Posted by Admin on 03-Apr-2012 08:02


You can also try creating pk to fk relationships when dealing with moving of records from one zone to another.

For this the parent object should have a pk field which is defined by ticking the 'do not allow duplicates' option in it's field edit page. This makes a field a primary key, I use the text field type personally.

After you've set the values for the pk, on you child object create a foreign key by creating a related field to the primary key of your parent object then extract your data including this new field.

Import data to your parent object .

When you import your data to your child object, you'll see that beside your parent object's lookup there is a picklist that should say unique ID , select your primary key from this then continue to import data.

Hope this helps

Piscoso, Martin


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