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Posted by Rollbase User on 23-Mar-2012 13:28

I have created a Related Field within a Child Object.....this Related Field displays as a Link to the Parent Table....I do not want the field to display as a Link.....I have created a formula field within my child object....that displays the Related Field as Text (no link).....what I really need for this formula field to do is.....Display the Related a link to the Child Record/page....not the Parent.... This is my Related Field "{!accountname}" any advice for creating a formula that links this field to the Child Record/Page would be greatly appreciated. thakns

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Posted by Admin on 23-Mar-2012 14:32
You may use Template field instead of Formula - that will be much simpler.

Use tokens with [link] suffix, like

Posted by Admin on 23-Mar-2012 14:56
Is it possible to combined 2 fields

{!FieldA} {!name#link}

So that FieldA displays as a hyperlink to {!name#link}


Posted by Admin on 23-Mar-2012 15:59
Absolutely - that's how templates work.
Posted by Admin on 26-Mar-2012 14:48
Template field not working

I have a field titled "Contract Name"......I would like to create a Template Field called "Contract Name Link" that displays the Contract Name as a hyperlink in views...(or somehow make "Contract Name" auto hyperlink in views)I've tried



Any ideas why this is not working. thanks
Posted by Admin on 26-Mar-2012 16:09
Assuming that "Contract name" belongs to Object "Contract", in "Template Helper" UI:

- find "Contract" in "Select Token Group"

- in "Select Merge Token" find "Contract [link]"

- copy and paste template token from "Copy Merge Token"

It should look like {!name#link}

Don't try to guess syntax, just find token you need in UI.
Posted by IramK on 19-Nov-2014 05:20

Did you manage to get this working?

Posted by Godfrey Sorita on 19-Nov-2014 07:48

Hi Iram,

You can get more information on template token syntax from this link:



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