Full Text Search Not Working re PDFs

Posted by Rollbase User on 24-Feb-2012 13:27

Full text searching is not working with respect to PDFs stored in FileUpload fields in my private cloud implementation. The same PDF file does work/is found via full text search in my rollbase.com implementation. I think I have the field's settings correct... i.e. set the same way in both implementations. I have re-indexed. TXT and DOC are working. What am I missing? -Mike

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Posted by Admin on 24-Feb-2012 14:09
Please make sure that Aspose PDF Kit is installed on your Private Cloud instance.
Posted by Admin on 24-Feb-2012 14:51

I didn't realize we needed Aspose for PDF search indexing. I thought it was only required for PDF writeable forms.

Sorry for my mistake.

Posted by surajbrd9 on 30-Nov-2015 07:33

Hi Rollbase User and Admin,

Do you have any sample of implementing PDF operations like merge two PDFs, Edit PDF, Delete some pages from PDF. I want to implement this functionality in my hosted cloud.

Thanks a lot.

Suraj B.

Posted by Manooj Murali on 01-Dec-2015 00:13

Hi -

These functionalities are not available as part of Rollbase at the moment. Rollbase does use Aspose (which supports all that you are asking for) for our document template feature i.e. read/write pdf documents.

But, we have received this request couple of times in the recent times on our community. Could you please post this idea with your detailed requirement on our ideas section ( community.progress.com/.../rollbase ) ?


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