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Posted by Rollbase User on 14-Feb-2012 10:39

I've just tried the new mobile interface. Seems to be great, but I can't get it to work on my custom applications. I've enabled my application, and I see it in my mobile device, and I see the list of menus. But when I tap on any menu, I just get a "View not found" message. But I have many different views and all work great on the computer. Am I missing something ?

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Posted by Admin on 14-Feb-2012 11:19

Looks like a bug, will be fixed ASAP. Are you using If so, please file support request to follow up.

Posted by Admin on 14-Feb-2012 11:57

Hi Cristian,

The quick fix for this is to simply Edit and Save one or more Views on that object. That should solve your problem but it is an issue we will solve on our end in the coming days as well.



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