Update field using API does not maintain audit trail

Posted by Rollbase User on 09-Feb-2012 22:35

Update some fields using rbf_setField(...) does not maintain the audit trail of the relevant object - it does not add an entry to the audit trail for the change made and the record's Updated At and Updated By fields do not get updated either. Have I got something misconfigured?

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Posted by Admin on 09-Feb-2012 23:18

I verified - if field is changed using client-side API it does generate Audit Trail record (but only if field's value was actually changed). However API does not refresh the page so you may not see changes immediately.

Posted by Admin on 10-Feb-2012 04:25

Ok....so this prompted me to go and look again....which is what I should've done before. Turns out I was changing a text area field, which, of course, cannot be audited. Doh!

Sorry for the hassle.

I guess a followup question: is there a way to programatically (API) add an audit entry? A long shot I know but worth asking.

Posted by Admin on 10-Feb-2012 10:15

You can add Audit record by running trigger. And you can fire trigger either from client- or server-side API.

Posted by Admin on 10-Feb-2012 12:58

Yes, there is a special trigger type for inserting audit trail entries.

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