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Posted by Rollbase User on 28-Dec-2011 20:39

Hi All, After the change in the html composition of Rollbase Tabs and menus from Table'd layout to Div layout, I noticed that the Tabs and menus stack if there are a lot of tabs, the ideal should be that they span and still stay as one line (screenshots below for IE, Chrome and FF): IE:  Chrome:  FF:  After seeing this behavior, I applied custom CSS markups to override the R

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Posted by Admin on 29-Dec-2011 13:22

Hi Martin,

We purposely re-designed Tabs and Menus so that they would wrap because we were getting too many complaints from customers that the screen was getting pushed out to the right and caused users to have to scroll horizontally -- which is bad for user experience. (Most users don't have two monitors like you :)

If keeping this behavior is important to you I'm glad you've found a workaround. Maybe we can think about providing a user setting for this in the future to turn wrapping off.

Meanwhile, I noticed you have some other code to address different issues you've found. Given that we plan to keep the wrapping behavior, are there other fixes you've included here that you recommend we implement?

Thanks and great work!


Posted by Admin on 29-Dec-2011 18:18

Hi Matt,

For the tab wrapping, maybe you can add a checkbox to activate/deactivate wrapping on a per application basis. Actually, it wasn't me per se who was complaining about the wrapping (since I already have this css code), but rather our customers as well. (apparently, our customers want their Tabs/Menus to span rather than drop - even in low-res and on 1 display :) hehe.

The other issue that I addressed regarding the 'global wrapper' is mainly for the tab spanning. Since when I apply the CSS I've created the header and footer stays on 100% width of the screen and does not follow the width of the other elements within the HTML page.

The code has not yet been tested but maybe by wrapping all the elements of the HTML page in a global wrapper, the header and footer elements 'might' follow the width of the other page elements.


Posted by Admin on 04-Jan-2012 18:21

Hi Martin,

As with other enhancements requests we have a big backlog now but I have added this (Application level checkbox for "Disable Tab and Menu Wrapping") to the queue for discussion with Pavel and we'll get back to you as soon as there is a decision and timeframe.



Posted by Admin on 05-Jan-2012 19:02

Hey Matt,

Thank you! This would definitely help the CSS designers to lessen their coding since the feature will soon be configurable ^_^

Piscoso Martin

Rollbase PH

Posted by Admin on 31-Jan-2012 07:23

Bump :-)

Just following up.

Posted by Admin on 02-Feb-2012 17:33

Hey Matt,

Is there a timeline for this enhancement yet? :-)

Piscoso Martin

Rollbase ph

Posted by Admin on 05-Feb-2012 03:40

Hey Matt ,

Just like to follow this up again regarding the timeline of implementation for this enhancement :-)

One our clients are putting us under duress regarding this matter so this is why I'm quite reluctant to get a reply.

My apologies if I follow up too often hehe ^_^

Piscoso Martin

Rollbase ph

Posted by clga29261 on 12-Mar-2015 01:09

how you make this in one line? did you create next and back button? like in the yahoo news tab???

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