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Posted by Rollbase User on 16-Dec-2011 00:20

Hello and Good Day! Here is what we are doing: We are cloning a record using the "Create New Record" Trigger. The record has child objects attached to it. Using a Conversion Map, I've checked the "Clone 'child object' related to 'parent object' and attach them to newly created 'parent object'". Unfortunately, this only works for manual cloning and not for an automated one(trigger-based). After the parent object is cloned, the child records are not cloned. Isn't the automated cloning functionality suppose to have the same behavior as the manual way of cloning? Hope you can help us out on this. Thanks, Gutchi Rollbase PH

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Posted by Admin on 16-Dec-2011 00:58

I shall take a look.

Posted by Admin on 17-Dec-2011 13:37

This should work now

Posted by Admin on 19-Dec-2011 21:40

Thanks sir,


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