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Posted by Rollbase User on 08-Dec-2011 12:59

Hello and Good Day, Are there any limitations to this automated diagram generator? I've been tinkering around with this tool and it seems that after a certain number of objects or whatnot, the creator won't seem to work. Kindly guide me on this as I want to generate the exact diagram used in the system for documentation purposes hehe ^_^ Thank you very much, Piscoso Martin Rollbase PH

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Posted by Admin on 08-Dec-2011 13:09
You can find out more on http://yuml.me

This is free service which encourages you to buy software and install locally. If you want to do so I can give you a setting which will point to your own server rather than on free evaluation URL.
Posted by Nick Medway on 04-Jan-2017 04:05

Hi, I have been using the diagram generator and I can no longer generate diagrams.  Is there a limit to the amount of diagrams I am able to create using the yUML site?  I have looked on the yuml.me website itself and throughout the progress documentation but I cannot find any mention of useage limitations.



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