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Posted by Rollbase User on 29-Nov-2011 11:31

Is it possible to set my currency format to display $0.0000? I need this to because my company sells voice termination at fractions of a penny. If it is possible, where would I make changes in Rollbase?

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Posted by Admin on 29-Nov-2011 15:18

I suggest that you use decimal field instead.

Posted by Admin on 01-Dec-2011 22:37


Here is a workaround that I though about which hopefully can help you out:

You can save the value e.g 0.0001 to a currency field as 1 - which will render the field as $1, this is so you can take advantage of the exchange rate feature of rollbase ie. dollars to pounds conversion via Base Currency field + currency fields.

After the computation using the exchange rates set you can then use a formula field for computing the correct data, Currency field / 10000 - to get the 4 desired decimal places - this should return 0.0001, you can either

A.) Use a decimal field with 4 decimal places and save the result of the formula here.

-- or --

B.) Instead of returning a Decimal using the formula field, you can alternatively make it into a String return and add the currency of choice to the value.


return "$ " + (currency field value / 10000);

which should return $ 0.0001.

If you are not using the exchange rate functionality of Rollbase, you can just use a decimal field with 4 decimal places to

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