After validation error, original (non-rollbase) URL paramete

Posted by Rollbase User on 31-Aug-2011 21:09

On a New/Edit Record portal page (and backend page), if a validation error occurs after the form is submitted, the original page is displayed with the error details allowing the user to correct the error and resubmit the form. However, any custom/non-rollbase URL parameters that were in the original URL are no longer there. This presents a problem since I use the URL parameters to perform javascript operations on page load. Can the original URL (including any non-rollbase parameters) be maintained when a validation error occurs? Thanks

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Posted by Admin on 31-Aug-2011 21:12

For example:

Before submitting a page, the URL might be:

After a validation error, my parameter (jl_custId) is missing from the URL:

Posted by Admin on 31-Aug-2011 21:37

Can you try to use cookies instead of URL parameters?

Posted by Admin on 31-Aug-2011 21:44

I will give that a try. Thanks

Posted by Admin on 19-Sep-2011 20:02

I think if you load your parameter into a standard (hidden) rollbase field, the value won't disappear after validation and you can reference said field if in case your validation does run, you can just handle onload to check either the URL or the said field :)

Thank you very much and hope this helps.

Posted by Admin on 19-Sep-2011 20:09

Hi Martin,

You are correct. That is actually what I ended up doing.



Posted by Admin on 19-Sep-2011 20:39

We're on the same page, hehe

Kudos Mike =)

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