User "Logon" Status Messages

Posted by Rollbase User on 09-Aug-2011 17:01

Is there a way to provide a "Status" message, ie a notification to users when they logon?

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Posted by Admin on 09-Aug-2011 17:18

I can add status message "Logged into Rollbase"

Posted by Admin on 10-Aug-2011 07:34

No, I was looking the ability to provide a specific status, which could be application-specific or wide ranging. For example: our support phone numbers will be changing in the near future; specific data updates have taken place; etc.

In our case, we have 40-some rollbase zones defined, so it would be nice if this could be done via the ISV partner zone as well as individual zones.


Posted by Admin on 10-Aug-2011 12:14

The best way to do that would be your own login page where you could post announcements. Please check chapter for ISV partners for more info.

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