Auto-generate/Auto-create an xml version of the record in a

Posted by Rollbase User on 21-Jul-2011 01:42

Can I auto-generate an xml file based on the information on the data entry screen for the record I just created? For example, I create an employee then upon creation Rollbase must create a xml version of this. This xml file must be saved in an FTP or file server, in which will be used by another system. Basically, this is an integration requirement that we must address using Rollbase.

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Posted by Admin on 21-Jul-2011 10:06

We have a number of trigger types which can be configured to run upon, say, Employee record creation. For instance you can generate template-based XML document and send it through HTTP POST.

We do not have FTP trigger but can add this upon customer's request. Please submit support request from your Rollbase zone to follow up.

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