Sync New/Edit Portal Pages produces extra Notification Messa

Posted by Rollbase User on 09-Jun-2011 16:06

 When I sync a Portal New Page with a Portal Edit Page, the Edit Page gets an extra Notification Message Section - with no way to remove it. Thanks

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Posted by Admin on 09-Jun-2011 16:15

OK, I'll take a look.

Posted by Admin on 09-Jun-2011 16:32

What happened:

1. You've moved Notification Message below Form Begin

2. Area between Form begin and Form End is being replicated on all pages, but areas above and below says intact.

3. That's how you've got 2 Notification messages. But this component cannot be deleted.

I can make Notification deletable and creatable, this may help.

Posted by Admin on 09-Jun-2011 16:33

Ah, ok. That makes sense.

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