Access of Setting object always returns a error in portal

Posted by Rollbase User on 11-Feb-2011 01:12

I am having problems with accessing fields from the setting object from a portal. I've enabled the portal visitor access to this object and still i get an error. Is there a special setting for the settings object to make it a available for the portal? Thanks.

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Posted by Admin on 11-Feb-2011 10:23

What exactly do you mean by "accessing" ? You can use Settings as template tokens, I believe.

Posted by Admin on 13-Feb-2011 20:08

I created a formula field in the settings object and enabled all permissions to the object, including portal visitor. Unfortunately when I use the template tokens, instead of giving me the value it computed for, it gives me

"ERROR: Error You do not have permission to perform this action (line #4) in formula:
341var rbv_api = new, -1"

Posted by Admin on 14-Feb-2011 00:10

Please give View access to your object for "Query API" role.

Posted by Admin on 15-Feb-2011 02:53

Yes my object has this view access already, but still displays the error. Here's a similar error that we encountered. The first screenshot is from the portal side and the other is the permissions of the object.

Posted by Admin on 16-Feb-2011 17:44

Hi Simone,

API on portal side works fine for my test environment. If you want me to help you further I'll need to look into your zone. There is nothing I can say at a moment.

Posted by Admin on 16-Feb-2011 17:47

You have clear references on line number (#4, #5) but you're not telling me what's on these lines. That would be helpful.

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