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Posted by Rollbase User on 10-Feb-2011 01:06

How can I get the URL of an image from Image Upload? Whenever I query the image field its result is a text/html type. Help please.. thanks.

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Posted by Admin on 10-Feb-2011 11:34

You can use template token {!my_picture#url} - it should be available from drop-down helper "Select Merge Token"

Posted by Admin on 10-Feb-2011 20:11

Hi Pavel thanks for the reply, sorry I forgot to mention, I'm using a generic page. I need to get the image url from a certain record so that I can display it on my page together with the other fields that I query.

Posted by Admin on 10-Feb-2011 21:53

And how do you identify that record? If you're using LOOP construction you can use similar syntax withing the loop.

Posted by Admin on 10-Feb-2011 22:42

I'm using rbf_selectQuery

Posted by Admin on 10-Feb-2011 22:56

This API brings up raw date without formatting them. For Image field this will be properties.

You can try to parse these properties and create URL in form

But this may be tricky. Easier way would be:
1. Create List View which filters records the way you want
2. Create LOOP template using that view
3. Use #url template token on records in the loop

Posted by Admin on 10-Feb-2011 22:59

You already posted a number of questions. Do you mind if I ask what's your customer name?

Posted by Admin on 10-Feb-2011 23:19

Thanks for the help Pavel, I'll let you know when I'm thru with it. I'm Jesfer, I work for GlobalOne PH w/ sir Albert Castillo.

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