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Posted by Rollbase User on 05-Feb-2011 23:36

Hi Guys, I know that you can specify recurring triggers, so that when they are executed, they repeat periodically. However, Is it possible to schedule a trigger to run automatically once per day - sort of like a batch job? I want to store statistics about my users - like how many loans they have etc.... but rather than do a 'count' every time the page shows, I would like to run a trigger once per day which summarises this information and stores it in a field in the User object. Thanks Matt.

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Posted by Admin on 06-Feb-2011 11:07

I suggest you create a JavaScript report. This type of report scans all records and can call any API, including query, than perform text (HTML, XML) output. Please check out documentation on JavaScript reports.

Finally you can schedule a batch job to ran that report daily.

Posted by Admin on 07-Feb-2011 21:09

Sounds good. I'll give it a try.

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