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Posted by Rollbase User on 25-Jan-2011 01:45

I created a .NET application that uses the Rollbase API to read data off our application. The object we are reading from has related fields. How do I create a selectQuery statement that retrieves the values (text) of those related fields instead of its IDs. The query I use is similar to the following: SELECT R51587512, R51684724, R51833374, R51711104 FROM object However, this returns a 2D Array of String that contains the ID of those related fields. How do I get their values instead?

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Posted by Admin on 25-Jan-2011 11:50

Here's an example of using selectQuery API to retrieve info from related line items:

var arr = rbv_api.selectQuery(
"select name, amount, price from line_item where R8011457={!id}", 100);
var buff = "Name, Amount, Price
for (var i=0; i
buff += arr[i][0]+", "+arr[i][1]+", "+arr[i][2]+"
return buff;

Please note that:
1. It queries related line items object (not base object)
2. It uses R8011457={!id} condition to retrieve records related to current.

Posted by Admin on 25-Jan-2011 23:21

Thanks, but I'm using the .NET application to generate a report. Does that mean I have to use the script to retrieve the values of each related item?

Posted by Admin on 26-Jan-2011 00:01

You can use the same query with our Web Services API. Please check Chapter 15 for more info.

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