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Posted by Rollbase User on 23-Nov-2010 21:00

I'm having a problem displaying the record counts of the clients. I have Role1_1, Role1_2, Role2_1, Role2_2 and Role3. Role3 - can view all records of Role2_1, Role2_2. Role2_1, Role2_2 - can view records of Role1_1, Role1_2 I have created 2 records for Role1_1 and 1 record for Role1_2, I reffer 1 record of Role1_1 to Role1_2. Role1_2 now can view the reffered record and they now have 2 records each. The view records of Role3 is displaying correctly but the count of the records is not, like the image shown below.

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Posted by Admin on 23-Nov-2010 21:30

If you have some complex permissions counter may be incorrect: it is not practical to perform complex calculations just to get total number.

Posted by Admin on 24-Nov-2010 00:00

The only permission of view for this 3 Roles are the relationships for User.
When Role1_1 referred a record to Role1_2 the Role2_1 and Role2_2 has now 2 records each, 1 identical record. In Role3's view, it can view the 3 unique records but in record counts it displays the 4 records including the identical record of Role2_2 from Role1_2.

Posted by Admin on 28-Dec-2010 16:48

I agree, i have the same issue on many of my views. It makes it misleading. So much so you would rather have NO count there than a constantly incorrect one.

Posted by Admin on 28-Dec-2010 16:51

I also have similar issues with a view where 1 page will display 5 records and when you click to the next page it will have more or less. No consistancy on the number of records per page. Almost like the filter only hides the text in the view and does not change anything else.

Posted by Admin on 28-Dec-2010 17:16

Please submit support requests with steps to reproduce.

Posted by Admin on 29-Dec-2010 05:19

I already did and it was promoted to bug.

Posted by Admin on 29-Dec-2010 11:48

Well, I meant Tory's issue. Your problem has been addressed: views with complex permissions do not display total number of rows. It is not practical and can affect overall performance in a negative way.

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