Save and New button not available for creating related recor

Posted by Rollbase User on 13-Dec-2010 19:36

When I create a New Record (not a new related record) using the New Record link on the record list page, I am given the option to "Save" or "Save & New" or "Cancel".   On a record view page, I have a section with a list of related records. If I click the "New Record" link in that section, the New Record page opens up with actions to "Save" or "Cancel" (but not "Save & New").

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Posted by Admin on 14-Dec-2010 12:06

OK, I'll fix that.

Posted by Admin on 14-Dec-2010 23:32

Unfortunately I have to decline this request since this will break navigation and make users confused and unhappy. If you want to create several related records from one page consider using Grid Control.

Posted by Admin on 15-Dec-2010 14:36

Ok, I will do this a different way. Thanks.

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