Missing Parenthesis??

Posted by Rollbase User on 10-Oct-2010 22:28

I'm having error in my codes. It says that I'm missing a ")". I counted the parentheses many times and I'm pretty sure they're in pairs.

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Posted by Admin on 10-Oct-2010 22:36

Hi Dan,

The problem I see is that you need to wrap your {!status#value} merge field in quotes, otherwise it will be treated as a JavaScript variable. This will likely fix your problem: "{!status#value}"

You can see in the parsed formula section that it is being replacd with text For Review. JS will try to treat this as JS syntax rather than a string because it is not wrapped in quotes. The system will not automatically insert the quotes because sometimes merge fields include them or are numbers that should not be treated as strings. So you always need to conscious of whether to wrap your merge fields in quotes or not.

Hope this helps,

Posted by Admin on 10-Oct-2010 23:00

Thanks! It works!

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