How to create a doc template better?

Posted by Rollbase User on 05-Mar-2010 15:50

Document Template - Is there a way to create a doc template that displays to a portal user as a pdf? That is the most common viewing format for a document and I know you can change any txt or doc file unto it, but some consumers (our portal users) are not savvy enough to do that. And the layout of a txt file does not come out correctly for a consumer to view or use. Basically, any ideas on how to create a standard doc format that consumers can use easily regardless of what programs they use on their system or the level of tech knowledge?

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Posted by Admin on 05-Mar-2010 16:32

I can provide an option to render HTML or Plain Text template as PDF. But quality of rendering may not be high enough (similar to our PDF generated from pages). Is this what you want?

I cannot promise conversion of DOC into PDF. If you have PDF template which you'd like to populate with real data, please send it to me, I can try to work on it.

Posted by Admin on 11-Aug-2010 06:29

Hi Pavel,

Would like to seek an update on the conversion of DOC to PDF? Seems I may need this feature as well as business owners don't want their regular users to update the contents of the generated documents before they can print them.

Posted by Admin on 11-Aug-2010 11:29

Please submit support request for this new feature, I'll place it in the queue.

Posted by Admin on 30-Sep-2010 03:56

Hi Pavel,
can you provide us the option to render HTML to PDF. We really need this feature to render HTML format template to PDF format.

Posted by Admin on 30-Sep-2010 11:25

This was implemented a while ago.

Posted by Admin on 30-Sep-2010 19:23

Hi Pavel,

When I check the Render as PDF checkbox in creating a new template and view the template created it throws an error as shown in the image below.

Posted by Admin on 30-Sep-2010 22:10

Can you use PDF at all on your server?

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