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Posted by Rollbase User on 25-Aug-2010 04:40

Hi Guys, Is there a way to open a page in Rollbase in which you are automatically logged in? E.g: From a HREF of a different domain user clicks on a link or is redirected to a Rollbase Page when it goes to Rollbase you are automatically logged in and in the current page view

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Posted by Admin on 25-Aug-2010 10:15

Yes, there is an example of this URL in Chapter 11.

Posted by Admin on 26-Aug-2010 01:42

Hi Pavel,

I have read chapter 11 over and over and I cant seem to see how to do this.

Changing the Access Control Layer (ACL) organization wide is not what i am looking for.. I know that it stores your authentication via session cookies however if you do not have a previous session open this will prompt you for login access.

I am asking you is there a way in Rollbase to Automatically Login and be redirected to a Page as a logged in User..


If you go to that page it already supplies the login name but not the password so you are not logged in..

what I am trying to do is supply an address in the browser that when the webpage opens it opens the pageid that you reference and you are authenticated.

sample URL:

This ask for authentication:

I want to supply the username and password like so:

Posted by Admin on 26-Aug-2010 12:25

Yes, I may have missed this.
Please try this URL

Posted by Admin on 26-Aug-2010 21:56

Great, Thanks a lot Pavel the link you gave is working it redirects my browser logged in to the main page. however I also need to open a specific page.. how should I supply it to the address so it will redirect to a specific page / record?

Posted by Admin on 26-Aug-2010 22:27

For specific page add:


(if you need to view a record). Please note that login through URL is not secure and will not be officially supported by Rollbase through UI helpers.

Posted by Admin on 26-Aug-2010 22:45

Actually, since login through email is becoming a hot topic we may need to provide some sort of session tokens for secure login. Let me think about it.

Posted by Admin on 02-Sep-2010 08:03

Hi Pavel,

Any updates on this?

I also tried doing what you suggested..

appending the pageId and the recordId.. it does not redirect me to the record.

Posted by Admin on 02-Sep-2010 11:53

I've implemented one-click secure login. Please check updated Chapter 11.

Posted by mihai_neagoe on 20-Jun-2014 09:47


I have the same issue with redirect to the application/page. The login works ok but the redirect is to the latest application opened by the user, not the one added in the URL.

I tried something like


but the redirect points to the same page regardless of the different ids set.

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