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Posted by Rollbase User on 13-Aug-2010 02:06

Are you able to import Javascript libraries in pages? How do you do this? Is it possible to run these libraries like JQuery in Rollbase Pages

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Posted by Admin on 13-Aug-2010 08:50

Yes, you can upload JavaScript files as Hosted Files (See Setup > Applications Setup > Hosted Files). Once uploaded you can use the URL of the hosted file to reference that file in your pages. In this way you can use custom JavaScript libraries in your pages.

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Posted by Admin on 13-Aug-2010 13:48

Thank you Matt, do you have restrictions with executing Javascript APi's like:

Browser security restrictions, same origin policy or same domain, subdomain, or protocol, effects API, JQuery Library, etc.. ?

Posted by Admin on 13-Aug-2010 18:54

The restrictions will be the same as normal site and browser restrictions. You can use hosted JS files within Rollbase, but not within formulas and triggers (only within pages) because there is no DOM for server-side JavaScript.

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